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When it comes to eating ice cream, Charlie’s says “Think Outside the Cone!”

Charlie’s Specialties is baking up a new way to serve America’s favorite frozen desserts; INSIDE their moist and delicious cake bowls.  “These cake bowls are a perfect compliment to the ice cream eating experience” says David Audia, innovator of the cake bowl concept.  “Everyone knows cake and ice cream go together; we just made it easier to combine the two most popular desserts”.         

The Hermitage, Pennsylvania bakery introduced the new cake bowls last fall during the annual convention of The New England Ice Cream Restaurant Association in Stowe, Vermont.  “We’re very excited to get the word out about our new cake bowls” says Barbara Audia, managing partner of Charlie’s Cake Bowls.  “What could be better than enjoying your favorite ice cream surrounded by your favorite cake”? 

In the early stages of development, our goal was to create a single portion dessert cake capable of accommodating a scoop of ice cream.   After 18 months of various pan designs and cake formulas Charlie’s Specialties’ work was complete.  Each thaw & serve cake bowl is 3 inches wide, 2 inches high with the bowl portion large enough to hold approximately 4 ounces of ice cream.  The cake varieties include: Brownie, Chocolate, Vanilla and Pumpkin.  The company is also formulating additional cake flavors which include Red Velvet and Lemon.        

Charlie’s Specialties believes that offering a variety of cake flavors baked into the shape of a bowl provides limitless dessert possibilities for the ice cream retailer.  The center of the cake can accommodate any frozen dessert, various fruit or crème fillings, pudding and even fresh yogurt.  In addition, each cake can be individually decorated for birthday parties, holidays, graduations or any special occasion.

According to Linda Stradley at What’s Cooking America, “Before the invention of the cone, ice cream was either licked out of a small glass which was called a penny lick, penny cone, penny sucker, licking glasses or taken away wrapped in paper which was called a "hokey pokey."  Ice cream in a cup also became known as a"toot," which may have been derived from the Italian word "tutti" or "all," as customers were urged to "Eat it all." 

Charlie’s Cake Bowls offer a tasty alternative to the ice cream cone.  Maybe it’s time to “Think Outside the Cone”!  It’s our philosophy that if you’re going to serve ice cream… put it in something with taste.  Cones are good….but Cake is better!
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B & K Manufacturing - Manufacturers of a variety of cookie and graham crust mixes for the food service industry and Chefmaster - The leader in manufacturing F, D and C food colors preferred by master decorators for over 50 years. To learn more about the Byrnes & Kiefer Company please visit their website at www.bkcompany.com.

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